Friday, November 26, 2010

Was It Worth It?

Black Friday...did you go?   Where you one of the "crazy" people out waiting in the middle of the freezing night air for the doors to open?

Open, Open, Open....(face smashed into the glass in anticipation)

Not me....I posted about this a few weeks ago and typically I am one of those people but this year other than the socks at Fred Meyers, there wasn't anything else that was on the "have to have" list nor were the savings for most items worth going out in the night air. 

My daughter on the other hand, kept with tradition along with her boyfriend and a friend...They pulled an all nighter....going to Walmart @ 12:01, Target, Fred Meyers, Old Navy, you name it they probably went there.  I heard them come in a few times and drop bags off and out the door they ran again for the next store.  AND I gave her money for every ones socks so I didn't miss out on the "Sock Sale" even.

Me, I slept instead.  I got up around 7am, leisurely went to Walmart, got a few sale items, nothing that was a hot seller so there was plenty in stock, onto Kmart for a few more things and then over to Big 5 Sporting Goods...I stayed under budget, was able to buy a few gifts for each of the immediate family members and I got to "sleep in" (if you consider 7am sleeping in which I do since I am normally up around 5am).

I *think* I am passing the baton to my daughter...I am getting too old (lol).  Sleep is much more important to me these days which is really hard for me to say since I am always looking for the next great deal.

Life is too short to spend 2 hours in line waiting for the store to open, 2 more hours in line to purchase said item (s) after having 3 hours of sleep to save $5.00 on a toy that will be broken before New Years. 

Can I get an AMEN???

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