Friday, November 5, 2010



Do you know her?  We know her well in our house.  Our highly energetic 3 yr old and “Karma” are BFF’s these days.  It seems like every time we tell him not to do something, of course we know this is for his own good, “Karma” bites him in the butt. 

For example just as quickly as he is jumping off the deck in the backyard and I tell him “You are going to hurt yourself”, what happens, he hurts himself…"Karma". 

He is twirling around in the living room, getting really close to the baby swing  (no baby in it) and I tell him, “You are going to run into the baby swing”, BAM!  “Karma”.

The other evening when I was singing “5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed” to him, when we got to the last monkey and the Dr says, “That is what you get for jumping on the bed” he looks at me and asks, “What did the Dr say again?”, so I repeated, “That is what you get for jumping on the bed,” and he says, “Karma”. 

Yep, he gets it. 

Now if only he would listen when we tell him not to do something...Kids will be kids, I guess.  They some times have to learn the hard way.

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