Monday, November 1, 2010

Time & Cost Saving Tips

I heard some of these "Time & Cost saving" and home "remedies" on the radio today...thought I would share.  Some of you may have heard or tried these before.

1) Use baby oil or baby shampoo to remove make up
2) Make your own body scrub with oatmeal and honey
3) Quick fix for french manicure, use white out to fill in tips
4) For a clarifying hair rinse use apple cider vinegar

Here are a few that I have known about and I have used myself:

1) To shine your faucets and avoid "water" spots put a small amount of baby oil on rag and wipe over the faucets.
2)  Use dryer sheets to dust (used ones).
3)  To keep your trash cans smelling good, put a dryer sheet in the bottom of your trash can before putting your bag in.
4)  Baby wipes work well for just about everything.  I have used them to wipe down bathroom counters many times for a quick-n-easy clean.
5)  Have a smelly garbage disposal?  Put a few small orange peels in the disposal.
6)  To help shower curtains avoid becoming musty (and sometimes) moldy, keep a spray bottle with vinegar and water handy.  Spray the bottom of the shower curtain after each shower. **And always keep your shower curtains closed so they can easily drip dry**

Do you have some Time & Cost Saving home remedies you want to share?  Let me know.

Happy Monday!

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