Monday, November 29, 2010


Monchichi, Monchichi, ohh, soft and cuddly....

Remember those? 

My Monchichi was my favorite stuffed toy for many years growing up.  I used to carry that monkey everywhere I went.  I am not sure what happened to her...over the years of moving around, she must have got stuffed in a box and given to Goodwill or something.  Poor Monchichi. 

But never fear, a couple years ago I was shopping at Safeway, of all places, Safeway had a Monchichi in their holiday toys.  I snatched that up so quick nobody else even had a chance.  Now I have my beloved Monchichi, still new in the box in the top of my closet for safekeeping.

What about Baby Alive?  I just saw one of those at Walmart when I was shopping this past weekend.  The new ones look a little freaky if you ask me.  I never had one of these, not much into playing with dolls, since I was surrounded by boys (cousins & brothers).

Of course, Cabbage Patch Kids are a mainstay...They have been around for many years and still seem as popular as ever. When CPK first came out, remember how coveted they were.  My dad actually won mine in a raffle otherwise I probably wouldn't of had one since they were so scarce and expensive.  I still have mine to this day and have passed it down to my own kids.  Her name is Adriane. 

And then there was the Garbage Pail Kids, parody of the CPK.  Me and my cousins used to collect the trading cards and trade them with one another.  Ohh man, flashback...

Of course you can't forget Easy Bake Oven and the Kool-Aid Slushie Maker.  I used to *entertain* as a child inviting everyone over for brownies and kool-aid slushies....LOL.  We partayyyyyyed...Let me tell you.

What was your favorite toy growing up?

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  1. I remember my day got my sis a CPK, but it was a fake one. The lady he worked with made it. Lord it was freaky looking. She made the head and face from the same stuff the body was made from. It's hard to describe, but it looked pretty bad. I think my sis was pretty disappointed with that.


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