Thursday, November 11, 2010

Purchasing Hiatus

It is November, not too long and before you know it Christmas will have come and gone...I know, I know. We need to at least get through Thanksgiving first which is 14 days away...but who is counting?  Not me....

Halloween had barely passed and already we are bombarded with Christmas decorations, Christmas carols, Christmas Catalogs, Christmas recipe ideas in the newspaper...Starbucks Christmasy Red Winter cups.... Geezzzz, we can't escape it...

Every year our family goes on somewhat of a "Purchasing Hiatus" when it comes to buying items for ourselves during the months of November and December.  Now this hasn't been easy but after many years of trying to get everyone on the same page, I think I have finally done it.

Basically, the reason why we do this is two fold. 1) If you go and buy whatever you want then that is one less gift "others" can enjoy purchasing for you for a Christmas gift.  2) If you go and buy whatever you want then that cuts into the Christmas "fund".  So by doing this we stay on budget and are able to have lots of ideas of what we can purchase for our loved ones. 

Now bring on Black Friday!

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