Thursday, November 18, 2010

Money Tree

Do you have a money tree? Is it flourishing with $20.00 bills? 

Unfortunately,  I don't ...therefore I am one of those "CRAZY" people out on Black the crack of dawn or in the middle of the night depending on how you look at it.

I know you have heard about this...Black Friday...How can you not?  It is all over the place, on the news, in the ads, on the is barreling towards us like an unstoppable freight train…Don’t try, there is nothing you can do about it so you might as well embrace it....

Every year around this time I go into stealth mode.  I am on a mission to get the most bang for my buck.    We do it every year…..  It has become a tradition in our household.  Now grant it there have been a few years when I really didn’t want to go hassle with the crowds, pushing and shoving for that coveted toy that by New Years will be broken in the bottom of the toy box, but I still do….

For the sake of saving A LOT of money and tradition.  It is the one day that my daughter will actually go shopping with me because you know, Mom isn’t cool anymore (not that I ever was in her eyes anyways).

On Thanksgiving Day after we are lethargic from all the turkey we have eaten, while most people are visiting with their family or watching football, Kyleigh and I, we plan our “attack”…Thumbing furiously through the ads highlighting the “coveted” items.  Of course, we ALWAYS hit the Fred Meyer SOCK Sale first (getting into line around 4am or so), yes, for SOCKS.  You know there are more items than just socks on sale but it has become known around here as “The Sock Sale.”  You know how expensive SOCKS are for a family of 6?   If I can get a years worth of socks for all of our family for half the price, I’m all over that…And I  really don’t buy socks again until the next BLACK FRIDAY (unless of course kids feet grow too much and grow out of the socks which rarely happens).

We also typically buy new pillows (full body pillows) and towels (sometimes Tupperware) since those are usually half off at Fred Meyers, too.

We then move onto the next stores and whatever else is on the list.  Target, Kmart, Old Navy, Best Buy….and we are usually done by 9am or so and then go out to breakfast (if we have any money left which we usually do).  Often times we get most, if not all, of our Christmas shopping done on Black Friday which is nice so we don’t have to be in the rush for the next couple weeks plus we end up saving TONS of money. 

Kill two birds with one that's what I'm talking about...

If you want a peek at some of the ads that have been released and/or leaked visit this website:

Do you shop on Black Friday?  What are the "coveted" items on your list?

If only....

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  1. Both of the girls have been out on Black Friday since they were babes in front carriers. Whether we are in Coos Bay (where Mike's mother and sister taught me about this crazy day) or here at home, we love Black Friday. This year, I don't know how early we will be out there. But yes, socks for 6 are very expensive.


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