Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Driving Miss "Crazy" Part Deux

It's me again...crazy driver...Actually I am not a crazy driver...opposite of that most of the time...I am pretty defensive when it comes to my own driving especially in inclement weather...I would much prefer to stay home during bad weather but we know that is not always an option...

I have a mini van though, you know one of those things that you tote many small children around in playing taxi?  With the sliding doors on both sides: easy in, easy out (and automatic at that so I can open them from a distance) , seats 7.  That's me...so driving a mini van in the snow, not so good...They definitely don't handle well.  I mean, they aren't meant for 4-wheelin, they are meant to tote kids around...to soccer, to football, to dance, to basketball, wherever you may be going...and they take a beating with all the equipment thrown in the back, couple of car seats, strollers, food mashed into the seats, cheetos under the car mats...You name it, I am sure you can find it in our mini van.  (I once found a rotten banana under one of the kids seats..couldn't figure out what the smell was for the longest time).

Anywho, back to my point of this post...driving in inclement weather...that's what I was talking about, right?  I *hate* driving in the bad weather...This morning after it thawed for the most, I had to get out in it, drop the kids off at Grandma's for a couple hours and head into work.  I work near the airport so not too terribly far but never the less, my drive that normally takes me 7-12 mins (usually down Marine Dr at 540am or so in the morning), took me about 45 mins going down the main streets.  I swear I was going like 20 miles per hour....Even though everything looked thawed there were definitely some "shady" spots that had black ice. 

I probably looked like a *grandma*,  my hands tightly gripping the steering wheel sans driving gloves,  seat pulled up as close as possible to the wheel, beads of sweat running down my forehead (not really but close)...anxious not necessarily about my driving ability but more about others as they fly by me on the left (yes, I was in the slow lane).  I saw a few people spinning out in the slick areas...but thank goodness, nothing major...

Me...driving 20 miles an hour made it safely into work...all by my lonesome.  I was the only one that ventured in. Everyone else decided to work from home and play it safe.  I am such a risk taker...lol...

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  Another white knuckle driving day?  I hope not...Not too fond of the snow at my house and in the areas that I drive.

If I want snow, I want to go to it, not have it come to me... (sorry all you skiers and snowboarders)

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