Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In the “Ghetto”

Diaper wipes…Must.Buy.Stock.In.Diaper.Wipe.Company (Kimberly Clark?)

With two small children, we go through boatloads of diaper wipes and between yesterday and today, we went through a whole tub of diaper wipes…Normally, this wouldn’t be something I would write about but it was too funny to pass up…Let’s rewind to late yesterday/last night…

Last night I had to go to an End of the Season Football banquet for Ty.  I decided to have our oldest Kyleigh, watch Hayden while I took Kaylyn and Tyler (BTW, Kyleigh rarely watches her siblings which is what makes this even more funny). 

But before I dare leave, a blowout occurs…in the poopy sense.  Explosion…oozing out of diaper, onto clothes, up back, everywhere….Can you visualize it?  I know gross…

Needless to say this was a 20+ diaper wipe clean up.  In normal circumstances, I would have totally given Kaylyn a full bath but because we were walking out the door and already late, I had no other option but to clean her up with tons of diaper wipes, change her clothes and run out the door….literally.

Fast forward about an hour…I get a call from Kyleigh.  Hayden has had an accident.  In the midst of the blow out, I forgot to tell Kyleigh that Hayden was wearing “big boy” pants and that she needs to remind him to use the toilet, often…Apparently, he made it for the most part to the bathroom BUT left a bit of a mess.  More diaper wipes…and a shower for Hayden.

This morning, going about my normal routine, get up, get bottle for Kaylyn, change her diaper…about 20 mins later, Neil says, “Smells like she has pooped.  Where are the diaper wipes?”  I start frantically looking around house because I know we have to have more.  I always buy extras and have them strategically placed around house (not really but that is probably a good idea).  Typically they are somewhere you wouldn’t think…Heaven forbid they are on the changing table where they should be.  That would be too easy…

NO DIAPER WIPES.  Not a single one, not even in the diaper bag container and no paper towels…(ran out of those and forgot to buy more)

Neil hands Kaylyn to me to do a “diaper check”,you know where you smell their bums.  *Sniff, Sniff*  She hasn’t pooped after all…Phew….Disaster averted.  Neil now must run to the store for more diaper wipes BEFORE either Hayden or Kaylyn have poopies this morning otherwise there is going to be trouble.  I have to leave for work.

I get a call from husband at work a little while later….”You know how ghetto I had to be with Kaylyn after you left?  She ended up pooping and I didn't make it to the store to buy more wipes yet” he says.  “I had to turn on the shower and put her butt under the water to get the poop off!” 

I couldn’t help but laugh.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall

Poor Miss K! 

I am *sure* she is going to be traumatized for life.  (She forgot about it as soon as he put a diaper on her clean cold butt).

Next stop…store for MORE DIAPER WIPES.

**Disclaimer:  No child was harmed during the "butt under the water in the shower" scene.**

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