Friday, November 19, 2010

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

I love this book!  But if you give a mouse a cookie, they will come back for more as the story goes....

We have "a" mouse in our house...We have actually had a few on my count that our cat has so eloquently chewed up and left in various places in our house.  I know gross.  I couldn't figure out what the small pile of rubbish was over in the corner until I went to pick it up and EEEKKKK!  It was a dead mouse.  Nice....

It looks to me like they are entering our house through a small hole under our kitchen cabinet and having a hay day in the recycle bin we keep under there.  Tyler went to take out the recycle the other day and there it was, its beady little eyes staring back at Tyler for just a brief second before it bailed back through the crack.

They probably have a menagerie under our deck and now with the weather getting cold, they are looking for food and warmth inside.  Come one, come all is probably what they are telling their cousins, siblings, etc...It's an all you can eat buffett under the kitchen sink in the Bailey household.

Home Depot here we come!

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