Friday, December 10, 2010

Aging Gracefully...Really?

Who coined this term anyways?  Aging gracefully....whatever!  Somebody obviously with good genes (and jeans)...Someone who found the fountain of youth?  Someone with money to spend on plastic surgery and botox?

It's official I am aging (but not with grace).  My daily look in the mirror tells me so.  As I was looking in the mirror TODAY I noticed a few "newer" hairs....Yeah, hairs as in plural...and they were on my chin!  Give me the tweezers, stat!

What is up with that?  I am not that old!  Why do I have hair on my chin?  I thought only men got hair on their chin?  And my upper lip...I need a wax job!

And well my crows feet around my eyes, they have their own feet (and are procreating as I type this).  Thank  you mom for those! 

Baggies under my eyes, man, I could pack a lunch in them!  Or a couple!

My laugh lines around my mouth I am ok with those...that means I have many reasons to laugh and smile, which I do...

Saggy b**bs and the muffin top, don't even get me going on those; 4 kids later; need I say more plus this is a family blog so I better be careful.

And my hair, lets just say I will be dying it real soon....

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