Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

To keep with the "theme" from last week where I listed some wacky baby names, now lets talk about the "parents" (not necessarily "the" parents of the baby's listed in last weeks WW post).

Celebrity's Stage Names vs Real Names:

John Denver = Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. *Can you imagine his real name on a record label?  They would run out of room*

Bo Derek = Mary Cathleen Collins  *Her real name sounds a bit like a nuns name and just can't see that name in the lights especially knowing some of the movies she has been in*

Kirk Douglas = Issur Danielovitch *Huh?*

Elvis Costello = Declan Patrick McManus *I like Declan but Elvis Costello fits him much better*

Whoopie Goldberg = Caryn Johnson *Not so sure I would have chosen Whoopie but I guess it does fit her*

Hulk Hogan = Terry Gene Bollea *Definetly does not look like a Terry*

Engelbert Humperdinck = Arnold George Dorsey  *I think maybe I would have liked Arnold Dorsey better*

Elton John = Reginald Dwight

Jenny Jones = Janina Stranski *Remember her?  Where is she now?*

Liberace = Wladziu Lee Valentino *Both equally puzzleing to me*

Courtney Love = Michelle Harrison

Meat Loaf = Marvin Lee Aday *Like his music, but his name, not so much*

Rip Torn = Elmore Rual Torn Jr. *I'm a bit "torn" on this one. No pun intended*

Chaka Khan = Carole Yvette Marie Stevens *I'm sorry but when you say her stage name, sounds like you are sneezing*

Dusty Springfield = Mary Isobel Catherine O'Brien

Fatboy Slim = Quentin Cook (aka Norman Cook)

Pat Benatar = Patricia Andrejewski *I love her!  But Andrejewski?*

I guess you can't pick your names but at least you can change them?!?!

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