Monday, December 20, 2010

Beep.Beep.Out of The Way.

I said to the driver who was going 20mph in front of me on the way home last night.

Seriously, I couldn't help but chuckle after saying it out loud in the empty car  (and like the woman could hear me).  I didn't actually honk my "real" horn or anything.

You see my son and now my daughter have this little driving toy that has a steering wheel, a whole bunch of buttons, little gear shift, flashing lights, etc and it says all these cute little sayings such as:

Beep.Beep. Out of the Way.  I'm Driving.
Filler Up.  I'm out of gas. (I think I will start saying this when I am tired)
Slow down, little fella.

And I often times find myself saying these things out loud, to others, not even realizing guess this is what happens when you get old have small children; certain things or habits for that matter get stuck in your head,engraved almost.

Do you ever try and cut up your husbands meat at dinner? 

What about referring to your spouse as "mommy" or "daddy" when talking to others?

Before going somewhere asking your spouse if they have to go potty?

Yeah, me neither...all the time....

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