Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We interrupt this regularly broadcast blog post with a discussion on pickled cucumbers otherwise known as PICKLES!

Yes, PICKLES…That’s a funny looking word. Maybe just to me?

My son these days has an obsession with pickles.  He can literally probably eat them by the barrel.  When we went to the store last week, we bought a jar and the moment we got into the car, he opened the jar and proceeded to eat them, right there in the car…

Juice dripping down his arm and out the side of his mouth as he crunches on it.  Crunch, Crunch, Crunch…I had one too and it WAS pretty good.  Vlasic of course!

His notebook binder for school has pickle stickers all over it and I couldn’t resist…I found some scratch and sniff pickle stickers the other day at the craft store and bought them for him.  Remember scratch and sniffs?  You don’t see those too many places these days.  Needless to say he has those plastered all over his binder too.

And, when I went to the beach back in October, there was this neat little store with “old” school candy and other nifty items and guess what? (I just said nifty)  They had pickle mints and pickle band aids that I bought him. 

Perhaps I am feeding into his obsession?  Perhaps…Although, he was obsessed with pickles long before I bought him these.

Not sure where the obsession came from but I think it might be here to stay for a while.  He also always recites the Geico commercial with the pregnant lady about things that go together…Like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Like Pickles and Ice Cream , Like Glitter and Unicorns.  Yeah, No?  (You know the commercial, right?)

(I know he is my son)

Here are a few pickle fun facts:

  • 26 billion pickles are packed each year in the U.S. That's about nine pounds of pickles per person.
  • Over half of the cucumbers grown in the US are for pickles

And my favorite fact:

  • Pickles are fat free and low in calories. An average-size dill contains only 15 calories.  I think I might be come obsessed with pickles too knowing this…A fat free and low calorie snack; you don't see that very often!
And there is a website dedicated to those who love pickles....wait for it...

I think I might buy him this for Christmas:

OR how about this birthday cake:

Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast already in progress.

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  1. I love pickles to and are my low fat treat. I would take a pickle over a desert any day. In fact I just found spicy pickles at Safeway. Still not as good as home made pickles though. And winco has a giant jar of pickles for around $2.50 the same jar can be found at Albertsons for $6.00 so you know where I go!!


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