Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is This Thing On?

Testing, Testing, 1…2…3

Can you hear me now?  How bout now?  Now? 

Selective hearing?  Hear only what you *want* to hear?  Yeah, I know the feeling…

We have a bad case of *selective hearingitis* in our household these days.  It has actually been going on for awhile and has had the trickle down effect from top to bottom.  It has now made its way down from Tyler to Hayden.  (For awhile my husband had this ailment too and then I would throw in things like, “Honey, I won the lottery” into the conversation just to see if he was listening.  He’s on to me now). 

And as soon as Kaylyn understands more, she will have it too.  Brother I am sure will teach her that…amoung other things like how to catch bugs, how to wipe slug juice all over your clothes, the proper etiquette to eating cat food, etc…I don’t think she is going to end up being much of a girly girl if her two older brothers have anything to do with it. 

Back to my point…*selective hearingitis*.

I can tell the boys to do something a million and one times and they seriously do not hear me.  No response whatsoever.  Not even a blank look.  But the second I say, “Hey, do you want a piece of candy or ice cream?” They pipe up….”Candy?  Ice Cream?” (BTW, they have both had their hearing checked and they both check out fine)

Why is that????  It is maddening.  And I know I am not the only mom out there that has this happen probably more often than not….

Why Oh Why?

Can you hear me now?

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