Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clark Griswold, Who?

Delaware Family's Christmas Decorations Make the Griswolds Look Like Amateurs

christmas lights Clark Griswold's power-sapping, aircraft-guiding Christmas light extravaganza once represented the pinnacle of overzealous Holiday displays. The last few seasons have witnessed an evolution of progressively elaborate home illuminations, though, including one brilliant and blinding arrangement from Delaware's Faucher family.

The Fauchers have apparently adhered to a Griswold-style lighting plan for 25 years, and -- this year -- House Logic broke down the monthly costs required. At four hours per night, for 1 million individual bulbs, the Fauchers allegedly pay $82,320 every month, which breaks down to $686 per hour. According to Gizmodo, though, if the Fauchers were to make the switch to LED lights, the monthly bill would plummet to a relatively reasonable $10,680, or a paltry $89 per hour. Plus, with LED displays, the family could synchronize their illuminated decorations with the classic carols of the season -- like these unwavering traditionalists
If you read my Bah, Humbug post, you know I am not a big fan of Christmas lights on our OWN home and this is the reason why.....When is enough, enough?
They are beautiful and festive but when I see the dollar figures above I just cringe.  That money could be going to a local charity to help people that DON'T have electricity because they can't pay their bill.  Just my two cents! 
Ok, now you can call me Scrooge if you like. 

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