Thursday, December 2, 2010

Smart Cars

Smart cars...are they really *that* smart?  I was driving next to one on my way home yesterday and it was the size of my hood and front seat area (if barely that)...The size alone doesn't seem that *smart* to me

I know, I know.  They are *smart* in the sense of being *better* for the environment and the pocket book...They take up less space and get much better gas mileage than most cars but to me anything that compact, can't be very *smart*.  You are packed into like a sardine and it's a death trap if you ask me.  It would seem if you get into a little fender bender going 15 mph, you would be crushed...

Needless to say I won't be buying one of these anytime soon...I will stick with my soccer mom mini van that is big enough to haul all my kids

Now give me a *smart* car that can drive itself AND take care of the kids while doing so, while I nap on our way to the next destination and I will be the first in line.

It is kind of cute, isn't it?  Key words, "kind of".

Anyone want a Smart Car sandwich?  (BTW, the pic is fake)

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