Friday, December 10, 2010

Car Sick

As I get into my car Tuesday afternoon, I hear the dreaded "ding, ding, ding" and my heart starts racing, palms start feeling clammy, stomach gets a little queasy...I know what that sound is...

And then I start to pray...

"God, just get me home safe". 

"Please don't break down, Please don't break down, Please don't break down"...I say all the way home...

My car isn't that old (nor am I).  It doesn't have that many miles (nor do I).  It is a 2006 with 55k miles so my first thought to myself was, this is weird...I have maintained her (for the most part).  She gets her oil changed every 3 months.   I bathe her and vacuum her often.  Make her smell pretty and she hasn't needed any major work done on her yet. 

But apparently she is not feeling well.  Her check engine light came on.  What  a coincidence, because I was not feeling well either.  I haven't been feeling well off and on for a few weeks.  This little cold has been hanging on for dear life.

And now my car is sick of all things!  As I am driving to pick up the kids from Grandmas that afternoon, I threw a (pity) party for myself.  I literally started crying as I was driving...Thinking about how much it was probably going to cost to fix, wondering why did this have to happen now right before Christmas, when I am sick and stressed at work, just something else to have to worry about...Man, this stinks! (I know Murphy's Law...darn that Murphy.  I wish he would go away!)

I take the day off from work on Wednesday.  Lay low hoping that with some extra rest, it would do the trick and get me back on my feet.  Check engine light still on.

Thursday...still feeling crummy, check engine light still on...decided I am going to make an appointment with my doctor to see what the heck is going on with me.

I go visit my doctor, who thankfully, I don't have to visit very often.  Apparently, I have bronchitis and a sinus infection.  Antibiotics and Sudafed prescribed. 

I go get in the car to leave the doctors office. Turn on car.  I no longer hear the dreaded "ding, ding, ding!"  What?  I quickly look at my dashboard and wait.... Check engine light IS NO LONGER ON!  Yeah!  How weird is that? A sign?  I think so...God works in mysterious ways...

It is now Friday and my car is running fine (it was running fine even when the check engine light was on ) and I am feeling much better too.  Thanks for asking.  Those antibiotics work fast.  Give me a few more and I will feel like a million if only I had a million bucks (that's a whole other post).

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  1. Quite often, the check engine light comes on when the gas cap is not tightened down. loosen and retighten and after the 3rd cold start, the light should go off.


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