Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrap It Up

I was going to call this post “A Year In Review” or “The Best of 2010” but everyone uses those so I wanted to be a bit more original…Did it work?

So to sum up the year in our household is pretty easy….One word….Four letters…


The baby was pretty consuming for most of the year.  We were either pregnant (for almost 5 months of 2010), having the baby or just had the baby (May 5th).  And now everything since then is a blur…has been delightful!

This is our 4th and final child.  (That sounds funny 4th and final)…But "4" is our magic number.  We have enough room in our heart, house, cars, finances, etc for the 4th but no more…I am sure we have enough room in our heart for more but our heart is not what pays the bills.  This womb is closed for business! 

In all seriousness, in 2010 and many other previous years, we have been truly blessed.  We have 4 healthy children, our own health, our faith, our great family and friends.

Our up and coming adult graduated from high school and is now in college.  And she bought her first car this summer with her own money that she had been saving for over a year.  She was truly dedicated to this goal and frugal as all get out over this past year.  As much as we have butted heads over the years, she makes me proud to have her as a daughter.  And the frugality, I LOVE IT!  At least she learned something that I know will be put to use in the years to come.

And now no more late night pick ups from her job or early morning drops offs at school by mom.  Whooo-Hoo…If that isn’t exciting!  Now I have sleepless nights wondering where she is because since she bought her car and is now mobile…We don’t see much of her.

Our tween he is in middle school now…Yes, the awkward years are coming.  He is still playing football.  And was even the Offensive MVP for his team this summer/fall.  He is now getting ready to start the winter basketball season. Always in one sport or another.   

He is doing awesome in his studies too.  He is in advanced Math and is even getting an A!  Not sure where he got the math gene but he has it.  We always laugh about that because nobody in our family is really good at math but he sure is! 

He has also been pretty social of late.  Can’t keep track of all his buddies but at any given time, either we have a few boys at our house playing the PS, hamming it up dancing and singing, playing basketball or football in the back yard.  Or he is at their house, hanging out. 

Our energetic tornado of a 3 yr old preschooler, is getting ready to do just that…Start preschool.  We are gearing him up to hopefully start in early 2011 (still narrowing down which one to send him to).  We are still working on a few things to get him ready.  He is excited though.  He talks about it all the time.  Puts on his back pack and tells us bye.  We ask where he is going, he always tells us preschool. 

He has also become very strong willed and is starting to hold his own with his tween brother.  And is like a shadow to him.  It is so cute (to us) not to T.

And our 4th and final child Miss K, as we refer to her as, she is just beautiful and warms my heart every time she smiles at me!  She is a bundle of joy.  A very happy baby.  She is almost 8 months now.  She has been crawling since she was around 6 months and has two bottom teeth that popped out right around the same time.  She gets around pretty well these days and is starting to try and get into anything within reach. 

She is eating very well.  We were going to try and feed her homemade baby food but time slipped away so for the most part feed her organic baby food or even some of what we are eating just mashed up pretty well.  Last night I mashed up raviolis.  She digged those. 

With regard to my husband and I, we are living life to the fullest, as much as we can with a few small children in tow anyways.  We are volunteering as much as we can through our church and other organizations. 

We get out and about town as often as we can. 

We have been to several great concerts this past year.  We went to the Rock & Worship Roadshow, The FishFest, 10th Ave North, Addison Road, several others that I am having a hard time remembering but I know there were more concerts.

We also spent some fun times with friends and family just being together.  My mom came out from Maryland for a few weeks this summer after Miss K was born.  It was nice to be able to visit with her.  We took her to The Oregon Zoo, Multnomah Falls and tootled around town while she was here.  She was able to be here for her oldest grandchilds graduation, graduation party and even our 3 year olds birthday so that was very nice.

We have watched many a football games this season because if you read my blog long enough you know my husband is a die hard football fanatic and more so with the Ducks going to the BCS (Go Ducks!).  BCS Game Monday, January 10th, in case you didn't know. 

I started writing this blog which has been very therapeutic in a lot of ways and I have been able to make some new connections which are still blossoming.  I am excited how far this blog has come in such a short time.

And we have a new “adventure” that I will share with everyone in the coming weeks. 

I am really looking forward to 2011 and all it has to offer.

We hope your family has been blessed as much as ours. Until next year....

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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  1. It sounds like you and your family has been very busy. I hope you have another blessed year :)


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