Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I have a few AND I have new one. 

Have you seen The Sing-Off?  Apparently, this is the second season?  Where was it last year?  I know if I had heard about it I would have watched it. 

Maybe I was too busy watching GLEE!  (one of my other guilty pleasures).

I am not sure what it is that reels me in to these types of shows.  I am not a big singer.  Sure, I was in choir for a few years while growing up…and I think I sound good when I sing in the shower (not really) but there is just something about these shows that hook me (and a million others since I think both of these shows are doing really well in the ratings).

This season on The Sing-Off, of course we have some locals on there, On The Rocks (group from University of Oregon; Go Ducks!) who I like but not sure if they will win it all or not.  There is some tough competition (Committed). 

I also like the rendition of B52’s Love Shack from The Backbeats last night.  Wow, that took me back! 

Tinnnnnnnnnnnnn Roof, Rusted!

Who is your favorite group?  Who do you think will win?

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