Thursday, December 16, 2010

Will The REAL Housewives Please Stand Up

Ok, so I got sucked into watching one of the many Real Housewives shows last night...I don't normally watch them but for some reason, I stopped on the channel and proceeded to watch a little bit of it...It was the Atlanta Housewives.

I said a *little* bit because that is all I could stomach. 

For one, come on, these are not Housewives!  These are socialites trying to play housewives for some odd reason.  Not that being a housewife is a bad thing because it isn't by any means and I am not sure that is the politically correct term these days.  Stay at home mom?  Domestic Goddess?  Domestic Engineer?  Home Manager? 

I mean half of these woman don't even have children and if they do they are older OR they have a nanny to take care of said children.  Furthermore, they are not taking care of the house as housewife would imply, they are too busy out to lunch, getting their fake hair or fake nails done, working out, taking acting lessons, shopping, racing cars, etc...Now tell me how many REAL housewives do this?  And cooking forget that...heck, half of them don't even seem to eat.

And the blond with the fake hair, who can't carry a tune to save her life YET she is recording an album....Seriously? 

Needless to say I won't be watching this show again anytime soon...and to think...they have several installments of it? Orange County, New people actually watch these on a regular basis?  What has the world come to?

Ok, I am done ranting for now...

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