Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In Memory...

Today is the 5 year anniversary of the death of my beloved aunt, Noreen Kay, who was always like another mother to me.  Our youngest daughter, Kaylyn, gets part of her first name from Noreen. 

Words can not even begin to describe how much I have missed her over the years, even though at times, I don't say it or show it I miss her tremendously.  I keep a special picture of her in our living room of when she was young because I want to remember her as the young and vibrant woman she was not as she was when she died.

She was the rock of our family for so many years and she was the "Wind Beneath My Wings."

The movie "Beaches" just so happened to be one of our all time favorite movies.  I remember watching it several years back with her over and over again.  And the soundtrack, we would listen to it on Saturday mornings, singing along, loudly and often times off key while we sorted laundry and did chores together.  I miss those days.  Something so mundane as chores but I loved spending that time with her. 

I wish she was still here.  To have been at my wedding. To have seen Hayden and Kaylyn be born. To have seen Ky graduate from high school and Ty be voted MVP on his football team... ( Among many other milestones over the past 5 years)

How I would have delighted to see her hold her first great grandchild Bradley who was born November 29, 2010 to her granddaughter, Alexis.

It is hard to believe it has been this long.

May you continue to rest in peace my sweet "other mother".  You might be gone in body but you are always here with me in spirit!

And to you I dedicate this song once again...


  1. I didn't click on the youtube link - I can't handle that today. Just seeing the picture of Bette Midler, knowing the song and being very familiar with Beaches - I'd be snottin' in a matter of seconds.

    Nice tribute to Aunt Noreen.

  2. I'm sorry for your sadness over missing your aunt. Life is often unfair especially when it involves losing the ones we love.

  3. Jenn, that song brings me to tears, it always has!! I can completely compassionate with you on your loss. I tribute that song to my dad, just as you tribute to your aunt. Some days are easier than others, but when the moment of missing hits a little harder, it is excruciating!!

    Thank you for the support messages you sent my way during my move. Wow, I hate moving.... until I get settled, then it's not so bad. xo


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